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San Francisco phases out single-use plastic water bottles on municipal property

March 06 2014 | Plastics,

If you've been on a beach... any beach... anywhere on the globe... you know about the plastics problem.

Single-use plastics has moved from a clever line in a late-sixties film, to a convienence material to a tsumani of once-used, forever-polluting trash in our oceans.

Look on any ocean high tide line and you'll see trash and I'd bet most of that trash is made up of plastic.

For these reasons it's great to hear about methods, laws and policies that minimize the use of single-use plastics.

The last time I checked Surfrider had about 20 live campaigns in this area and 69 wins. Our campaigns to minimize the use of single-use plastics have spread all over the world and offered one of the best onramps to our mission we've ever seen. This is the case because people can "see" plastic trash easier than they can see water pollution.

We applaud the City of San Francisco for voting to phase out the use of single-use plastic water bottles on municipal property. This is the first such action by a major U.S. municipality. Of course we hope other municipalities will follow their lead and commercial businesses also see the logic of phasing out single-use plastic use.

Here is more information from Surfrider on ways we can all rise above plastics.

More on the San Francisco decision here.

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