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Sand in the briefcase

May 29 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

At least three times I've started to write a column, blog post or book with a working title "sand in the mac." My life has always had (I'm pleased to say) a blur between work and play. About a decade ago I was the Latin American manager for a tech company, and since my trips were extended multi stop endeavors through some notable regions... I'd sometimes travel with either a surfboard or a snowboard.

Life's too short to not work on your backside.

So when I saw this picture it caught my eye... but it caught more than that. It caught my psyche. No, I don't wear ties... I gave that up when IBM went business casual. Yes, I'm mostly gray. Soooo, when I see this photo I see elements of myself. I see the work/play tension. I see a reminder of how different surfing is now versus the days of Tom Blake.

Kudos to Kymri Wilt for crafting the shot.

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