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Sandow Birk & Mundaka

September 27 2009 | Art, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

32" x 44". Ink and acrylic on board.

Sandow Birk is an American artist from Southern California who has a rare appreciation and perspective for all things historic.

It's rare because, as anyone who lives in Southern California knows, this spot isn't exactly known for its historic significance (sure, we have Missions... but they are hard to find in the midst of all the concrete). "Old" in Southern California is a thirty-year old housing development. This is also rare because... look at the above work... Sandow has connected the past with the present. His piece, focuses on Mundaka in Spain, and captures the essence of the wave and the region. To notch the authentication up a level he's included a tag by Basque seperatist group ETA.

Amazing piece.

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