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Save your own Trestles

February 24 2009 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Let me open with "no wave has a price tag... although there are plenty of people that will try to buy them."

The Trestles fight was about this issue... a local company tried to essentially buy a California State Park, they held out $100 million... made long speeches about how they were saving the day, offering jobs, not using taxpayer money, etc. It was a sham, they've asked the government for $1 billion dollars, every alternative offered as many or more jobs, etc. We've all heard a fair amount about the hubris and ill-conceived plan to put a toll road through a park... (if this is new to you, here's a summary).

I'm guessing you said more than once "I'm stoked Trestles is getting a lot of attention but what about my break?"'

One of the reasons we backed Trestles was to learn how to replicate certain aspects of these kinds of fights. This brings me to SurfFirst.

Would you spend 30 minutes if it meant surfing the rest of your life?

Go here and invest a half an hour in YOUR break.
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