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Save(d) Trestles—Plug in

February 07 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Anyone that was wired into yesterday's marathon California Coastal Commission hearing is tired.

This includes the estimated 3,500 people that attended, the hundreds/thousands of people that watched the streaming video, became addicted to play-by-play Twitter updates or got cell-delivered voice updates via Pinger. It also includes me.

This fight isn't over but we did score a very, very meaningful victory yesterday. Saving our coast's natural resources isn't a series of campaigns, it's who we are... it's our lifestyle.

It was an insane day. At times it almost felt like an out-of-body experience. The crowd was on fire... in a good way.

I want to say two things and then simply let the pictures do the talking.

First, thank you. To those that supported these efforts, and there are a ton of you, thank you all from the bottom of all our hearts. I especially want to thank Stefanie Sekich, Brian Alper, Rick and Denise Erkeneff, Ed Schlegel, Mark Pelltier, Jerry Collamer, Marty Benson and the many, many, many, many, many other tireless activists that worked... years in getting this prepped for yesterday.

Second, plug in. Sign up for our free email newsletter. Go to a local chapter meeting. Join Surfrider. Do something. Yesterday proved one thing. David CAN take Goliath, but only if we aggregate our muscle... into something much, much larger we may think is possible.

The Surfrider staff's pre-event prep meeting...

LA Times estimated the crowd at 3,500. Past record for a CCC meeting was 500...

photo: Branimir Kvartuc

Me with the simple request to the CCC for them to uphold existing law, they did...

photo: Branimir Kvartuc

This illustrates the scope of 3,500 people in one place for a hearing...

photo: Branimir Kvartuc

A lesson in how to get attention, dress up as the physical metaphor you're fighting...

photo: Branimir Kvartuc

The surf industry muscle; CJ, Bob, Shaun and Dick...

This victory was won on Ronald Reagan's birthday who, along with President Nixon, established the very park we were fighting to protect. Wild coincidence...

photo: Branimir Kvartuc
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