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Schwarzenegger: The Anti-Reagan?

January 16 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Governor Schwarzenegger took a decidedly anti-Reagan stance last week when he announced that he would close 48 state parks, and he has further distanced himself from Reagan this week with his letter to the Coastal Commission urging them to support a toll road that will destroy San Onofre State Beach, the 5th most popular state park in California.

The park was established for the citizens of California by then Governor Ronald Reagan and then President Richard Nixon.

At the dedication of the park, Governor Reagan said
“I firmly believe one of the greatest legacies we can leave to future generations is the heritage of our land, but unless we can preserve and protect the unspoiled areas which God has given us, we will have nothing to leave them. This expanse of acreage, San Onofre Bluffs State Beach, now has its future guaranteed as an official state park.”

Yesterday Schwarzeneger shared his Anti-Reagan viewpoint in his letter
"Our Department of Parks and Recreation has proposed closign 48 parks around the state, focusing on those with the loswest number of visitors and those that are unable to sustain operations through user-generated revenue. San Onofre State Beach is on the Departments list of facilities recommended for major reductions."

Beyond the fact that Arnold is no Ronald, this is about a park. A state park. The fifth most popular park in the state of California.

Next week the Coastal Commission is going to weigh in on the preservation of these coastal assets. Voters established the Coastal Commission to be independent and nonpolitical, and decide on the future of our coast based on the facts and the law. The Governor's letter represents an unprecedented interference and has improperly injected politics into what should be decision based on facts and laws. This letter is even more troubling given that the State of California has two lawsuits pending against the Transportation Corridor Authority’s proposed 241 extension.

It is important that the Governor and his staff not lobby Coastal Commission on this matter. It’s also important that the Speaker not contact his Coastal Commission appointees.

When he was California’s Governor, Ronald Reagan created San Onofre State Beach for future generations of Californians to enjoy. Why would Governor Schwarzenegger want to be remembered as the governor who killed Ronald Reagan’s dream?
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