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Sea of Joy: Dolphins

March 24 2009 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

There are so many times... so many times... when we are out in the water and something happens to let you know you're not the "local".

One of my favorite things about surfing is seeing wildlife up close. I came across these pics and it jogged me into that mind space.

One of my most memorable dolphin experiences was a time I was surfing Pillbox in Solana Beach with one other person. We were swapping waves and as I was paddling back I saw my friend turn to catch the next wave (which was a glassy shoulder-high peeler) and they stopped. I wondered why she'd let a great wave go as I continued to paddle back to the peak. About half way back the wave and I were about to intersect and I saw a huge dolphin in the face of the wave. The dolphin was surfing the wave. It was both gorgeous and terrifying at the same time. The gorgeous part speaks for itself. It was terrifying for the simple reason that I was about to intersect with it as I I was about to duck duck under the wave. I know... the dolphin's a smart animal, it knows more than I think about where I am, etc. Still, it all happened quite fast. I decide to not duck dive and let the wave hit me... I didn't want to risk my board hitting the dolphin. The wave rose and as we connected the dolphin swam right under my board, very close. The word awe comes to mind.

Jason Weber, thanks for sharing these photos.

Photos via PineappleLuv blog, love the vibe, check it out.
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