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Seagarden, onramp for a million

March 14 2009 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

If you're on Facebook then chances are that you have the Sea Garden app. Actually, the chances of that are pretty good. Let's say there are ten million people on Facebook that are interested in coastal and ocean issues... Sea Garden has over a million users.

If you're not on Facebook or don't have Sea Garden I'll explain it in a few words.

It's a social application where you send and receive images of sea creatures to each other. As you do this you amuse yourself, entertain your friends AND help Surfrider Foundation achieve it's mission.

Think of it as post-millennium baseball card swapping mashed up with a an environmental funding vehicle.

A few statistics about this application:

* It was conceived and built by Michael Witz (we have done very little to date other than receive fans and money)
* Since it's inception less than a year ago Sea Garden has donated more than $14K to Surfrider Foundation (more than any other application on Facebook)
* It has had up to 1.3 million users
* We aspire to add some educational components to the mix... a plastic bottle floats into your Sea Garden and illustrates current challenges and solutions to ocean issues

What I love about Sea Garden the most is the fact that it's very low-friction. It doesn't ask a lot of you... it's easy to join and simple to have fun with. From my perspective it's in a similar camp as a recurring YouTube video... it's viral and points you lightly to an important cause.

We need as many onramps to Surfrider Foundation as we can get. So, I'm a big fan of this app.

A massive thank you to Mob Science for thinking of us and for building this onramp that has attracted over a million users.

Get it here.
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