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Seeing the Grand Canyon through a single use plastic Coke bottle

November 13 2011 | Plastics,

I posted a blog last week about the seemingly increased velocity of David and Goliath fights, that's here.

I pointed to the Idaho high school kids trying to take responsibility and clean up their town... only to get tamped down by a single use plastic bag maker.

I also shared the story of the American Idol recycling video. The American Idol singers participated in a pro-environment, pro-responsibility and anti single use plastic video created by Plastic Pollution Coalition. The video was pulled due to a sponsor's influence, it's widely accepted that the sponsor in question is Coke.

Building on those two stories is the recent Grand Canyon story.

30% of the solid waste at Grand Canyon National Park is made up of disposable water bottles.

Any of us could write a series of blogs.... or a book about that statistic alone (the number comes from Steve Martin, the superintendent of the park who stepped down earlier this year). He wanted to do something about the staggering amount of waste related to single use plastic. So he worked within the system to get a ban in place on single-use plastic bottles. That shouldn't have been that large of a deal, it's been done before in National Parks. Everything seemed to be going well with the ban... until it was killed two weeks before it was to go into effect. Here's the story.

Ever wonder what the Grand Canyon looks like through a plastic Coke bottle?

It turns out it's not as pretty...


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