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Shaping boards at 13 below zero

January 19 2009 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I spent many of my formative years living in a snow belt... I know was zero degrees feels like. So it's with admiration and stoke that I share these photos. This is Stefan Ronchetti, the Minnesota-Superior SF Chapter President.

Check out that heater in the upper right of the top photo... baby, it's cold outside. Try 13 below.

Check out the Lake Michigan chapter here.

And since our mission includes "protection AND enjoyment" check out the insane early work coming out of this region.

File under: Surfing is not a crime
Recent impressive victories here.

Big thanks to Vince Deur for being a key driver behind these efforts and to my bud Graeme Thickins for his relentless, insatiable social networking.

Stay warm.
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