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Shaun Tomson / Thomas Jefferson: Podcast

March 31 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

The more I spend time with Shaun Tomson the more I'm impressed and the more I see why people put him in his own category.

He is a statesman, an entrepreneur, an involved global citizen, a surfer, a director, a writer, a speaker... the list goes on and on.

Shaun is multidimensional.

For some reason when I think of Shaun I think of Thomas Jefferson. I don't mean to suggest that Shaun and Thomas are equals... they aren't.

Yet... in my mind I mentally place them into a similar bucket. I suppose it's a bucket reserved for people I see as multidimensional. It's a mental bucket reserved for people that have have been defined by others in one way yet aren't/didn't live within such narrow parameters.

As I wasn't around in TJ's day you'll have to settle for half the picture... listen to the Shaun Tomson podcast here.

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