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Shepard Fairey and Jaws [25th Anniversary Gala, Oct9th]

September 10 2009 | Art, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Jaws Wave, 2009. Spray painted stencil & mixed media collage on 100% cotton rag. 72" x 52"

You know Shepard Fairey as the artist that captured the essence of Obama with the image to the right.

You may also know him as the person behind the Obey brand.

If you're really on top of things you may follow his work back to 1989 when he launched the Andre the Giant has a Posse street campaign.

Shepard Fairey is one of the 25 artists that make up the Art for the Oceans 3 auction that will take place at the 25th Anniversary Gala on October 9th. More details and ticket information regarding that event here.

If you're following these posts you'll know that that Shaun Tomson picked the 25 most iconic waves in the world and Scott Hulet, editor at The Surfer's Journal, then matched these waves with artists.

Jaws made the list of waves. Jaws is a wave that very, very few of us will ever surf. It's an outer reef mutant that Laird put on the map a few years ago as he was creating the sport of tow-in surfing.

Shepard's work is at the top of this post. It's quite large at 72" x 52". The scale hints at the impact this wave represents.

Huge thanks to Shepard for this original work. To see this and the other 24 works from an amazing list of artists you'll have to come to the Gala.

So... I'll see you there.

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