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Smaller footprints for surfers

October 25 2012 | DIY Activism, Plastics, Surfing,

A few months ago, my friend Kevin Whilden from Sustainable Surf opened up the hatch of his car to show me a board made from recycled materials. I've written about those boards but what I didn't share was the fact that the board bag itself stopped me in my tracks. The board bag was also made from recycled/upcycled materials.

I just connected with one of the founders of the company behind those bags, Alec Avedissian, and shot the 90 second video below.

In a sentence... Rareform takes the durable, UV-coated plastic from billboards and makes super high-quality surfboard bags from it.

What I love is that this plastic is being used for products that we all use... instead of going into landfills or our ocean. And... they look rad.

Here is their site and here is the process behind these bags.

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