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Steamer Lane in bronze by David Kimball Anderson

October 03 2009 | Art, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Waves draw us in. They do this in so many ways. But we interpret them differently. Some might see a wave through the eyes of a surfer and want to harness the natural flow and power. The opposite is the person who is fearful of breaking waves. One of the more interesting things I've noticed over the years is how people interpret waves differently... whether they're on a board, walking on the beach or representing them with a paintbrush.

And then there is this piece.

Steamer Lane is one of the more iconic waves in the world. Actually to have made this list we are suggesting it is one of the 25 most iconic waves in the world (as selected by World Champ Shaun Tomson).

David Kimball Anderson has taken this icon and created a masterpiece.

It's difficult to describe a painting with words and for some reason a sculpture is even more challenging for me. That said, this piece is brilliant in it's attention to detail, the success it captures the topography in three dimensions, and the materials choice and color. All these connect and simply ups the ante a few more notches. This is one of those works you need to physically walk around and stare at for a bit.

We're honored to have this piece in the auction happening within this Friday's 25th Anniversary Gala. Tickets are still available, go here for those.

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