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Surfrider activist: Elizabeth Willes

January 17 2011 | Activism, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

On this Martin Luther King day I thought I'd kick off a new series of blogs focused on volunteers and activists. If I had to distill Surfrider Foundation down to it's essence it would be a picture of a volunteer or activist. My goal with this series is to offer a glimpse of who these people are. Name. Elizabeth Willes. In one sentence, why she loves the coasts. "The oceans heal us, we need to protect them." Campaigns she's engaged in. Perhaps the largest campaign Elizabeth is connected to is Rise Above Plastics. She was among the earliest involved in this campaign to drive awareness around the ocean pollution issues connected to plastics. Among her largest contributions to this campaign was touring with Jack Johnson's North Sleep through the static tour where she organized, and managed volunteers in the concert's Village Green across the nation. Favorite beach/wave. Swamis in Encinitas, California.
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