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Surfrider chapter in Wisconsin? Yes.

August 22 2013 | Events, Chapters,

Most surfers have seen the film Unsalted. It's the story of surfing in the Great Lakes. I'm guessing most of us who watched that film also felt the crew in the film was more devoted to surfing than we were (at least I did). Is there a surf culture in Wisconsin? Yes.

Check out this film from a recent Surfrider Wisconsin chapter event.

What I love about this video, aside from how well it was put together, is the joy it conveys.

The locals love their coastline and they are also engaged to protect those local waters. This video could have been shot in Southern California, Coastal Europe or Australia but it wasn't... it's Wisconsin. I absolutely love that fact.

We will win, our mission for coastal protection maximized to it's potential, when every coastal town looks like this one.

We will win when locals protect what they love. Kudos to the Wisconsin crew, we're stoked you are a part of this network.

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