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Surfrider Europe turns 20

September 10 2010 | Modern Activism, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I love the story of how Surfrider Europe came into existence... what promoted it to start, the role of Tom Curren.... I just adore stories like these where people stop talking and start acting. I captured that story a few years ago on this podcast with one of the people who has been around Surfrider Europe the longest, Giles Asenjo. Giles has been around since day one and he's still plugged in. How many organizations can you say that about? Kudos to Giles for his devotion and tenacity over the years. Another related podcast, with Stephane Latxague, the man who has transformed Surfrider Europe into a powerhouse, is here. This podcast is from a few years ago but explores Stephane's past in "crisis care" (in places like Iraq) which helpsĀ  illuminate why his leadership is flourishing at Surfrider. When I think of Surfrider Europe, I think of the best creative messaging and education programs that I've ever seen. Their ideas and creative assets are better than mostly everything I've seen in the for-profit sector as well as the non-profit sector. The image to the left starts to capture what I mean by this. It's a project they do in which they start with traditional "beach" images are then transform them into something masterful. Take a pristine beach, add a beautiful person and add trash. (And yes, they've done versions with men). They have partnered with Young & Rubicam Paris for many of these award-winning campaigns. Massive congratulations to the amazing crew in Europe. It would be very difficult for me to point to a group that is more dedicated, more creative and more willing to follow through with a masterful execution. All of us, volunteers and staff under the Surfrider banner from around the world, are stoked to be on the same team as Surfrider Europe. Happy Birthday.
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