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Surfrider (heart) rockers

March 11 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Anyone aligned with our mission is a friend of mine, which includes rockers. This especially includes rockers.

Those familiar with Surfrider know we love music. Check out the staff pics of Ed Mazzarella and Nancy Hastings. You'd think we have a rehearsal space in our office (the idea has been floated).

A few years back Dave Caplan and Pierce Flynn put out three CDs aptly titled MOM. Check 'em out here. When I look back at this projects and the bands that participated I'm left nearly speechless.

A winter or so ago, at the stunning Waimea Valley Audubon Center on Oahu's North Shore, Pearl Jam played one of the more memorable shows I've ever attended (up there with The Clash at Kent State around '82). Kelly Slater joined in with the SL8R guitar and provided icing on the cake. Everyone on stage that night was dedicated to preserving Pupukea Paumalu, Trestles and many more breaks across the globe. It was a brilliant show.

And in case you haven't heard, Surfrider is on Jack Johnson's global tour (pushing out a message for people to Rise Above Plastics). That tour kicks off in two days at Wollongong, Australia.

The list doesn't end here; in fact it goes and goes...Donovan and G Love in Brazil...Citizen Cope at Art for the Oceans in New York...Jill Kuniff's five shows nationwide...

I just got pinged (via Google alert) that the below song was posted an hour or so ago. I'd call it an acoustic-techno-trance ditty... with lyrics that could have come from our annual report.

We've covered nearly every musical genre... to really pull that off I'd like to formally request that someone create songs around our Surfrider mission in dub, dancehall, psycobilly, roots jazz, punk polka and rocksteady.

DenRA pushing the mission into a new genre. Good on ya mate.
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