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Surfrider in the deep south… of Argentina

September 30 2011 | Chapters, Podcasts, Stories, Plastics,

The Surfrider network never ceases to amaze me.

This is one more of those stories that illustrates how far the movement has gone and how wide the network stretches.

Gaston emailed me a few times and with each email he was intentional and proactive about reaching out to connect with me. He shared he was with Surfrider Argentina and having met most of the crew with Surfrider Argentina I couldn't place him. This all made sense when we got together a few days ago.

He wasn't from the Mar Del Plata contingency of Surfrider, he was from further south.

Gaston is a surfer. He was on his way back from Bali, staying in Oceanside for a month (hitting Trestles with a frequency that rivals anyone I know) and on the side he was looking for a connection to surf Cortez Bank.

But Gaston is so much more than just a surfer, he's a leader. He shared that he's essentially started the Surfrider chapter in southern Argentina, working with the local leaders to start a large-scale recycling plant, running three restaurants and being a dad.

We caught up in Encinitas and walked over to Swamis to record his story.

This is it, listen in.


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