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Surfrider Japan continues work to stop radioactive dumping into ocean

May 29 2009 | Water Quality, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Surfrider Japan is working on a solution with the Japanese government to stop the Rokkasho Nuclear Reprocessing Plant from dumping harmful materials into the ocean. This plant discharges radiation into the air and ocean. These elements are being dumped into a strong southbound current that sweeps through Nori and various fishing areas.

Surfrider is asking for the government to reconsider the situation and bring the technology at the plant up to date.

Yesterday, Surfrider Japan handed over another 16,657 petitions that are aimed at the Rokkasho issue. This brings the total to 48,367 total since September 2007.

We are Surfrider so, as you might expect, we handed the petitions to the government officials in a very unique way (complete with lei's for the officials).

Well done Surfrider Japan!

Visit Surfrider Japan site. Watch video on this campaign.
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