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Surfrider Morocco, one more force to keep oceans clean

March 01 2013 | Beaches, Activism, Plastics,

Look at this picture. It's a photo of local surfers and local beach lovers taking ownership of their beaches.

The fact that it happens to be in Morocco is icing on the cake.

What's very clear to anyone who has traveled to waves and beaches far away is that we are trashing our oceans.

We all learned in grade school that the oceans cover the majority of the planet's surface.

We have also learned that plastic ocean trash never goes away.

What I love about images like this one is that it points to a third truth... locals care about their local areas. The phrase "think globally, act locally" speaks to this last truth. We are talking about an issue that is affecting, literally, the worlds oceans and it's increasingly being fought by people that no longer want to assume the beach and oceans are a dump.

Cheers to our friends in Morocco. Surfrider Morocco is only a few years old and has already been awarded the "Kings Foundation Prize" (as in from the king of Morocco).

More about them here

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