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Surfrider Peru: Alberto Figari Podcast

December 16 2007 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

We hosted the annual Surfrider Foundation international conference a few weeks ago. The conference is like looking through a telescope and seeing numerous parallel universes.

One region may have just won a notable victory on water quality and another region, perhaps in a completely different hemisphere, is just starting a similar campaign. Intelligence, best practices and stoke flow like ocean water... crossing country boundaries like they are non-existent. Being in the room this this group is an honor, being able to share with them is an honor and learning from them is an honor.

Another aspect of this conference that is very cool is to see the real-time growth in the Surfrider grassroots network.

I sat down with Alberto Figari and listened to what is happening in the wonderful country of Peru. Kudos to Alberto and to all his Peruvian friends that are acting to protect the local oceans, waves and beaches.

Listen to his podcast here.

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