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Surfrider Wavemaker Awards

February 04 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

This past Saturday night we celebrated our raison d'etre, activism at the grassroots level. Specifically eight individuals were awarded Surfrider's annual Wavemaker Award.

These awards are given out annually by Surfrider Foundation to acknowledge the efforts of individuals and companies who have made significant contributions towards helping the organization fulfill our mission.

Enjoy the following links to podcasts with four of the recipients.

Outstanding Contribution Award (Under 17) / Mackenzie Steiner Proving that you can never be too young to make a difference, this precocious 7 year old found herself featured in Bill Clinton’s book “Giving” after the President found out about her efforts to organize beach clean-ups in her community.

Outstanding Contribution Award-Volunteer / Matt White The key to Surfrider Foundation’s success is volunteerism. For the past several years activist Matt White has quietly worked behind the scenes, directing efforts which may not appear to be as glamorous, yet are absolutely mission critical for the Foundation.

Corporate Partner Award / Cooley Godward Kronish (Michael Rhodes, Todd Bontemps, Mike Traynor, Julie Wicklund) Over the last decade, CGK has assisted the Foundation with international trademark filings, international incorporation, the Trestles lawsuit and other issues all on a pro bono basis.

Development Award / Randy Rennick Randy worked to secure the single largest donation ever made to the Surfrider Foundation - over $850,000. Randy continues to advocate for Surfrider as a beneficiary of class action suits. These efforts could possibly lead to additional large donations in the future.

Environmental Activism Award / Larry and Blake McElheny This father and son team were central to a twenty year campaign to save Pupukea Paumalu on Oahu’s North Shore. The result of their efforts is a 1,129 acre property, preserved in perpetuity, overlooking the world's most famous stretch of surfing beaches including Pipeline, Rocky Point, and Sunset Beach.

Chapter Leadership / Adrian Nelson For years, Adrian has labored to build Surfrider Foundation’s presence in Western Canada. Starting with the Vancouver organizing committee, Adrian has gone on to expand our network out to all areas of British Columbia, recruiting dozens of new members and single-handedly organizing and implementing very large events involving hundreds of local and regional citizens.

Distinguished Service Award / Ken Auster One of the best known and most prolific painters of the sport of surfing there is, Ken Auster has donated his artwork to the Surfrider Foundation for over 15 years. His work is featured each year on the Foundation’s official membership t-shirt. As well, Auster remains one of the Foundation’s most ardent supporters and contributors

Coastal Impact Award / Margo Pellegrino
In the summer of 2007, Margo undertook and incredible journey and paddled her canoe nearly 2000 miles from Miami, Florida to Camden, Maine. Her mission was simple – to draw attention to the declining state of our beaches and oceans, and inspire others to take an active role in working to protect these precious resources.

Left to right: Mike Rhodes, Margo Pellegrino, MacKenzie Steiner, Randy Rennick, Steve Blank (staff) and Matt White.

Photo: Tracey Armstrong
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