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Surfrider’s annual Wavemaker awards

January 11 2011 | Activism, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Once a year we recognize the people and partners that have contributed in extraordinary ways towards our mission of the protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches. The following is a list of the winners from 2010. ALL of us at Surfrider Foundation offer a heartfelt thank you to everyone who engaged with our mission and made a difference in 2010, but the following people get an extra thanks. Awarded to the outstanding individual or group of individuals, selected on the basis of a single recent major moment of environmental activism related to a specific chapter/chapters or campaign. Stiv Wilson. For becoming a Rise Above Plastics (RAP) warrior/educator, sailing on gyre research expeditions and carrying the RAP message to chapters and the general public. Stiv leads the way and is among a small, dedicated cadre of people dedicated to stopping plastics from entering our marine environments. More info on Stiv here. Awarded to an institution, individual or a group of individuals recognized for developing a lasting influence and/or reflection in contributions. Jason Latos Jason hosted our first “salon” event in NYC at UBS.  He invited 25 high-net-worth individuals who were not previously associated with Surfrider in order to introduce them to the organization – thereby increasing our pool of prospective donors in NYC.  He also worked with UBS to arrange a meeting for EarthShare resulting in Surfrider receiving a $10,000 Access Incentive Award from EarthShare. Awarded to an individual or group of individuals selected for service to a chapter (US or International) that showed leadership and inspiration. Rob Nixon, South Padre Island Chapter Rob has shown time and again his commitment to strengthening the Texas Chapters' network and the effectiveness of their environmental endeavors.  Not only has he shown leadership for his chapter in the pressing coastal issues affecting South Padre Island, including beach parking access and coastal preservation fights, but he has also helped to coordinate and execute the 2010 Texas Chapters conference fleshing out pressing coastal issues, such as the new fight to protect the Texas Open Beaches Act after the Severance v. Patterson decision.  Through his fair demeanor and knowledgeable input, Rob has emerged as a leader and attribute to the entire Surfrider Chapter network. Follow Rob on Twitter here. Awarded to an institution, individual or a group of individuals on the basis of value and degree of services to Surfrider Foundation. Ken Palley Ken Palley has been an outstanding chapter activist in Santa Barbara for approximately 15 years.  Ken served as chapter secretary for a number of years, and he was chapter chair for 3 years.  Ken continues to work tirelessly on the Preserve Gaviota Campaign, serves as a Chapter representative for the Naples Coalition, and has given infinite hours of his time as a volunteer at beach clean-ups, tabling opportunities, and other chapter events. Connect with the Save Gaviota campaign. Awarded for efforts not associated with a specific chapter or chapter campaign. This award may be given to up to two individuals or groups of individuals (one per category) per year, and they are selected based on the value and degree of service to Surfrider Foundation. Know Your H2O Film Crew – Belinda Smith, Drew Albenze, Laura Clapper, Marty Benson, Jesse Pattinson, Zuleikha Robinson This small team took on an extremely complex subject, coastal ecosystems and their relationship to water supply and demand, and created a easy-to-follow and highly educational 20-minute film. This crew went further by truly embracing a crowd sourcing ethic in order to connect people and talent to the project from around the globe. I highly encourage you to watch the film here. Awarded to a corporation or business who displays outstanding dedication and support of the Surfrider Foundation. Saatchi & Saatchi -Los Angeles For the last five years, Saatchi & Saatchi has supported the Surfrider Foundation as our creative agency of record.  Borne out of this partnership, Saatchi & Saatchi has developed several renowned advertising campaigns, including “Trash Billboard”, “Farmers Market” and “Friends Helping Friends” - all of which have won various awards, including the coveted CLEO award.  Saatchi & Saatchi also worked to broker a partnership with Toyota Motors of America, which has raised nearly $100,000 in hard dollar and in-kind donations.  Over the years, Saatchi & Saatchi has donated all of its work pro bono. Awarded to the person or persons who displays outstanding efforts to make a positive impact on our coasts and oceans. (Does not need to be awarded each year.) Katherine Nguyen & Juli Schulz – West LA/Malibu Chapter Katherine and Juli were instrumental in leading the West LA/Malibu Chapter to the recent victory with the Los Angeles County Bag Ban, which will be the largest municipal single-use plastic bag ban in the U.S., affecting more than 1 million people in unincorporated LA County.  Katherine and Juli have been leaders amongst the California RAP network in fighting for the barely-failed statewide legislation AB 1998, and used their resources from the Ban the Bag campaign to pick up the local victory.  Additionally, in running the West LA/Malibu RAP campaign, these activists have begun a "teach the teacher" method of educational outreach that was presented to almost 20,000 people in the past year, including presentations by high school student groups.  Before becoming involved with RAP, Katherine was part of the successful West LA/Malibu Water Quality Task Force, which helped track down water quality offenders and advocated for the recent Septics-to-Sewers decision in Malibu.  Juli Schulz served on the Rise Above Plastics Select Committee and has been active with the Chapter for over a decade.  Both women have displayed outstanding efforts to make a positive impact on our coasts and oceans. Watch a video of Katherine and Juli talking about the LA bag ban here. Given to those individuals or companies who have made significant contributions towards supporting the Surfrider Foundation. Billabong For the last eight years, every piece of Billabong-labeled product has been shipped out with a small hangtag encouraging customers to support the Surfrider Foundation.  Additionally, Billabong has contributed over a half million dollars directly to the Surfrider Foundation since 2001.  Billabong has also supported various foundation events, including Surfrider Foundation’s 20th Anniversary, International Surfing Day and our Save Trestles campaign. Visit Billabong's site here.
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