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Swamis a la Michael Cassidy

October 07 2009 | Art, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Swami's aka Noonan's Point
16" x 43.5" Oil on Linen

A few days before Michael Cassidy moved from North County San Diego (or Oregon) last year I went to his house and picked up two pieces, both portraits. One of blues master Lightling Hopkins and another of a Polynesian woman. I had gawked at his work from afar for a long time. It felt so nice to finally connect and bring something home.

This work is perhaps even more personal. Michael loves Swamis. Of course he, like anyone that surfs that break with regularity, isn't fond of the crowds... but he knows how amazing and clean that wave can be whether it's 1' or 20'. Scott Hulet from The Surfer's Journal selected him to paint Swamis and in doing so connected all the dots. Michael Cassidy painting Swami's, and making a nod to the it's life prior to the Self Realization Fellowship Meditation Garden (Noonan's Point), is one of those alignments where everything just seems to work.

The piece is brilliant. Nice job Michael.

More art here. Tickets to this Friday's event/auction here.
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