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Swimming in pollution poll

June 04 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

A week or so ago I paddled out at Swamis with my buddies Mike Matey and Alan Honadle. Truth be told the waves were tiny, ankle-slapping, early summer... perfect Swamis peelers.

They were also probably polluted.

It had rained less than 72 hours prior and honestly, that point wasn't registering with me at all. I simply wanted to get wet and go pretend I was David Nuuhiwa. Alan reminded me (after we had reached the peak) of the last rainfall.

I think we all have a bit of this in us... you could call it... ignorance. Perhaps that's too aggressive as the poll suggests only half the people would venture out if the conditions were optimal. And maybe "ignorance" is too heavy... but what would you label swimming in polluted water?

Sometimes, we casually look past risks. We recalculate statistics in our head. We sometimes knowingly swim in polluted water.

Perhaps you haven't, and maybe I'm the only one whose intellect skews down when an offer go surfing comes up.

Tell us about a time you knowingly went out in polluted water... or made the (smart) decision to not go.
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