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T Moe Slider

March 17 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Some people just put ink to paper and a feeling emerges.

Thomas Campbell is one of those people.

His work has a flowy, surfy, childlike, dreamy quality. An endless doodle threaded together by a stealth message of joy. His work immediately resonates with me... every time. I see the joy half of Surfrider's mission in his work and... I love that side of our mission as too many times we only focus on the "protect" side... and then we become lopsided.

With seemingly any medium he touches he carves out his niche and yet manages to eloquently capture the air around that moment in time. He did this in one of his earlier films, the Seedling (trailer below), and made me appreciate why I loved 60s and 70s surf films... they didn't take themselves too seriously. It captured the simple joy of riding a long surfboard. It said it's fine to take out a heavy, singlefin log on a small day and have so much fun that a smile wraps around your head. Then came Sprout (trailer also below) which, next to Brazil, is among my most favorite films... from any category. Somehow it reminds me of Picasso's wild film Mystery of Picasso.

Thomas, thanks for pointing out to all of us that we can look at waves with different lenses.


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