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Taking coastal conservation to Main Street

February 15 2013 | Joy, Stories, Campaigns, Activism, Culture Shifting, Modern Activism,

We all love the beach.

We love to spend time at the beach with friends. We love riding waves. We love watching the sun come up or go down over the horizon. We love watching kids play in waves. We love low tide... the list of what we all love about the beach is long, perhaps infinite.

The truth is that I cannot name a single person, anywhere on the globe, who does not love the beach. I'm sure there is such a person but I have yet to meet them.

I share these points to set up the images to the left.

We, all of us, love the beach and so we, again... all of us, need to find a way to protect that place which is so dear to our hearts.

Surfrider's Santa Barbara chapter is doing just this. They have enabled Surfrider flags to be placed up and down the local version of main street (State Street).

They are, literally, offering a bridge to coastal conservation for mainstream audiences. I love this.

I love this because it is so much more than a series of flags. These are on-ramps for locals to connect with a very serious and timely campaign, Save Gaviota.

The Gaviota coast is just north of Santa Barbara and it's the last piece of undeveloped coast in Southern California. The local chapter knows that they need novel, mainstream approaches to help get the message out about Surfrider and the local campaigns they are involved in.

They've also leveraged Kickstarter and are working to create a documentary about this fight, again... offering an on-ramp for locals and other beach lovers to connect with the Gaviota campaign.

Kudos to the locals for thinking differently and finding ways to engage a main street population to help protect that place we love so much.

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