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Ten coastal victories in the last 60 days

March 27 2012 | Victories, Coastal development, Chapters, Beaches, Coastal armoring, Campaigns, Activism, Plastics, Water Quality, Surfing,

Surfrider Foundation's network accomplishes an amazing amount of work every day.

Remember, that network is made up of people like you who are volunteering to keep their local coasts pristine. These people are rockstars, read the list below and I'm sure you'll agree.

If you're not part of this network we'd love to have you join us, find a local chapter here.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a federal regulation for stronger water quality protection in California waters by banning all sewage discharges from large cruise ships and other large ocean-going vessels off Calfornia's 1,100 mile long coast. More.

The City of Dana Point passed ordinance on Feb. 21, 2012 banning the use of expanded polystyrene food service ware at local food vendors, city facilities and city sponsored events. More.

County Commission Meeting voted to no longer pursue the project due to the cost to taxpayers and the fear that the project would not be successful. More.

The City of Laguna Beach Environmental Committee recommended banning single-use plastic bags from all stores and city facilities, except for restaurant’s carryout bags. More.

The San Francisco County Board of Supervisors will be hearing the expanded single-use bag ordinance. This new ordinance will ban plastic bags at all retailers, place a 10 cent charge on recycled-content paper bags, and require that reusable bags for sale cost at least 10 cents (to curb the distribution of thicker-but-still-single-use plastic bags). More.

After a 16 year long campaign to ensure that seawalls along Solana Beach were properly mitigated, the Coastal Commission approved the City of Solana Beach's Land Use Plan that include a 20-year review of seawall permits and also set an 18 month timeline for the City to finalize their study to determine land lease and mitigation fees that ensure the public is properly compensated for the lost of public sandy beach. More.

The Oregon State Legislature passed, and Governor Kitzhaber signed Senate Bill 1510 which designates the Cape Perpetua, Cascade Head, and Cape Falcon marine reserve and marine protected area sites as recommended by the respective community teams and the Ocean Policy Advisory Council in 2010. More.

On March 6, 2012, the City of Dana Point, at the urging of environmental groups and local hotel resorts, passed a single-use plastic bag ban that will take effect on April 1, 2013. More.

A proposed draft ordinance has the City of Austin potentially enacting one of the broadest bag bans in the nation, prohibiting disposable (‘single-use’) paper and plastic bags at all checkout counters in January 2016. More.

The Carpinteria City Council has voted on March 12, 2012 in favor of a ban of both single-use paper and plastic bags at major retailers in the city. More.

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