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Thank you Sean Collins

January 07 2012 | Events, Joy, Waves, Surfing,

Surfrider's mission is "protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches via our activist network." There are two parts to this statement, protection and enjoyment.

People know us for the protection side.

The truth is that the closer you get to the Surfrider network the more you find out we are all also pretty into the enjoyment side.

Sean was this same way.

People knew him because he enabled us to know the wave height, detailed swell direction and shifts, wind data, water and air temperature. In recent years Surfline, his creation, even suggested what kind of board we should take to the beach. This amount of information is literally night and day compared to what surfers knew a few decades ago.

He revolutionalzed the act of riding waves... via providing access to information.

His legacy enables our enjoyment of waves. Yet he was also hip-deep in the other side of our mission, understanding the ramifications of any system that intersects with waves. He saw waves disapear due to coastal construction and witnessed more than a few beaches closed down do to water quality issues.

At his very essence he is the same as all of us who ride waves. We're drawn to waves because they enable us to recreate. We're also aware that waves, and the ecosystems that enable them, are fragile.

We're all in this together... with a few exceptional players in the mix. There are a few million people in the United States who consider themselves surfers. All of them owe a bit of gratitude to Sean.

Tomorrow people are paddling out all over the globe to pay their respects to Sean and his family. Join us if you can, info on how to connect to those events here. I'll be in Huntington Beach,

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