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The art of shaping high-end craft >>> Chris Christenson podcast

March 01 2010 | Podcasts, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Artist. Shaper. Craftsman. Chris Christenson.

Chris approaches surfboards with a holistic view. He not only performs every step involved (envisioning, shaping, glassing and finishing) but he also brings a modern visual design aesthetic to the final product. It's a package deal... and the end result is a board that makes you stop and take note.

Arguably, his boards should be hung in a gallery instead of ridden.
But Chris would argue the opposite.

They may be art, but they are designed to be functional. For recent proof, check out last month's Surfer magazine--the cover showed Greg Long, winning the Eddie, on a board designed and crafted by Chris.

Yesterday, Mark Healy won Todos Santos on a Christensen shape.

I tried to think of an artist who took on as many steps of the process as Chris does... and yielded something that stood on it's own as a work of art and also performed at the highest performance levels. Only one name made the grade in my mind: Enzo Ferrari. Chris epitomizes the unique essence of a custom shape.

Can you name another sport where someone can get custom-made equipment? Take it further... can you name another sport where any participant has access to the brains behind cutting edge equipment that is pushing the sport to the limit?

No and no.

I caught up with Chris in his shaping bay as he was shaping a gun for Ian Walsh.

Listen in.

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