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The best surfer. Period. Kelly Slater.

November 06 2010 | Surfing, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Huge congratulations to Kelly Slater who just won his tenth world title in Puerto Rico. For those who don't follow professional surfing... he won the title before the season is even over. Kelly represents the bookend of ten world titles, having won titles as the youngest and oldest contestant, is enough to make anyone lean back in their chair and pause. Add in the fact that he won eight world titles in between those bookends... and we shake our collective heads in disbelief. I've seen Kelly surf a few times but not once comes close to a Sunset Beach contest a few years ago. His heat began and the competitors started their charge... except Kelly. Kelly wasn't even in the water. A few minutes later he came running down the beach with his board under his arm. By the time he got to the peak I'm guessing a third of the heat was over. What happened next blew me away. Almost immediately, he caught wave after wave.  Within minutes he was in the lead. was odd. The announcer was still talking about a wave Kelly just kicked out of and he was up on another one. This happened more than once. Of course he won the heat. There are many angles to talk about regarding Kelly...his role in preserving the North Shore of Oahu, his instrumental assistance with Eddie Vedder (no pun intended) to Save Trestles...his ongoing board design experimentation. But today let's just raise a glass to the best surfer in the world. Let's toast the man who is arguably the best surfer anyone has ever seen. Period. Congrats Kelly. We're stoked for you.
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