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The Bill

March 07 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

We have a very limited line of things for sale in our store, that's on purpose... but that's another post.

Sometimes we name an item after the person that inspired it.

We recently added "the Bill" polo shirt. It was named after the illustrious Dr. Bill Rosenblatt.

There are so many things I could say about Bill; he co-founded a Surfrider chapter, has been Chairman of the Board for multiple years, etc. Check out the podcast with Bill, taped on the beach at Kami's (north shore, Oahu). But we didn't name the shirt after him for any of those reasons.

We named the shirt after Bill because aside from being perhaps the largest proponent of chapter issues on the board, he's also been known for reminding us that the world doesn't begin and end in Southern California. An example of this is his request for a simple, white polo shirt that people can wear to City Council meetings and other events where a tie or a Hawaiian is too much and a tshirt is too little. The request, for a simple white polo with our logo over the left chest area, is straightforward, classic and approachable... just like Bill.

Bill, this one's for you.
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