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The Bournemouth artificial reef virtual chat room

April 07 2010 | Artificial reefs, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I've posted more than a few things on artificial reefs. I did my faux-hack-investigative journalism series "Do artificial reefs work?" where I looked at all the artificial surfing reefs on the planet from a myriad of angles. I also share a few tidbits that come through my mailbox from time to time. But one post has transformed into something else entirely.

The Bournemouth artificial reef 'near impossible' to surf post has over 150 comments. The comments section is approaching something of a virtual chat room.

I don't censor, I let the chips fly. At first I thought "who IS this person that is posting seemingly endless comments?" Then I noticed it wasn't one person.

I love the fact that the comments have added so much to the post that... they have overtaken the value of the post itself.

So go to the post and check out the locals views on things in England.
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