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An engine pushing Oregon ahead: The Charlie Plybon story

September 01 2011 | Victories, Podcasts, Stories, Activism, Plastics,

Look at this photo.

It's the photo of an activist.

It's the photo of a leader.

It's the photo of our Oregon Field Manager, Charlie Plybon.

I'm convinced that none of us is born activists, none of us. We are born into situations and scenarios. We are influenced by events around us and by our surroundings. A few of us are influenced so heavily by these things that we make the decision to engage, to act and to try and make a positive impact. Charlie is one such person and this is Charlie's story.

Charlie was one of the activist mavens behind the recent Portland, Oregon bag ban. During our staff meetings this week he shared that epic journey with us. It's worthy of words like "epic" as it took more than five years and had it's share of twists and turns. I wanted others to hear a bit of that story so... here it is.

Listen in as we drive down to Trestles in Southern California on our way to paddle out.

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