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The dream of a performance board with a smaller environmental footprint: the Jake Moss podcast

August 01 2010 | Podcasts, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Jake Moss has a vision. His vision is surfboards that can offer high performance AND have a much lower environmental footprint. I like that about him... I like that commitment to creating something better without discounting a major attribute like performance. With Jake sustainability and performance isn't an "either or" question. What I like even more is that he views this as a journey and he's willing to share and learn at every stage of the trip. He lent us a board, it's the one he's standing on in the photo to the left. I took it out at Swamis in North County San Diego and had a ball. It was fast down the line and had better flex and memory than many of my boards. I also had a couple of our crew take it out, their comments are to the left. If you think about those two things, sustainability and surfboard performance, then this podcast is for you. Jake's site, Moss Research, is here. If you don't see the player and want to access the MP3 file, go here. Other podcasts are here. Subscribe to podcasts via itunes here. And if you're wondering why I create podcasts like these, that answer is here
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