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Embracing the surfboard fin while moving ocean conservation forward

November 22 2013 | Stories, Surfing,

Tim Hogan offers a case study in the future of environmentalism. 

It's my belief that the way we attain real, meaningful ocean conservation is by connecting more and more people to the movement... but this isn't enough.

The real key is to connect people to the movement AND have them leverage their existing talent and love.

We need lawyers who surf to plug into the legal needs of coastal conservation fights. We need surf industry leaders to connect their brands to the preservation of the playgrounds (waves) their companies rely on. We need artists to direct their skills in ways that help move the dialog forward.

That's why I love Tim's project, his video and... the shirts are rad. More here

Project #0002 theFINproject & Surfrider Foundation from Art of Craft on Vimeo.

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