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The future of surfing is not disposable

February 13 2014 | Waves, Culture Shifting, Surfing,

Decades ago the sport of rock climbing came to a simple realization. They figured out that it wasn't in their best interest to damage the very playground they loved so much. They needed to stop pounding in metal pitons into the rock faces they were climbing because they were damaging the rock for future climbers. 

Surfrider was founded on this idea, we exist because we seek to protect the waves (and surrounding areas) that we love so much.

The sport of surfing is starting to get its collective head around this idea and a conference is taking place this weekend in San Diego will focus on this same theme. 

"This gathering of the leading lights in the surf, science and environmental worlds is equal parts: science experiment, surf expo, TED talk, National Geographic mag, and hands on summer camp - all wrapped up in one amazing day."

If you're a surfer and you're in the region you should find a way to make it to this conference. More info here

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