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The Green Police, best AND worst ad of the Super Bowl

February 07 2010 | Communications, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I just checked out the Super Bowl ads and noticed something interesting. As of 11pm Sunday the Audi "green police" ad was winning the popularity poll. It was in the #1 spot, voted the best ad of the Super Bowl. But more notable is the fact that at that point it was also in the lead as the worst ad of the 35-ish spots.

Surfrider activists have created more than a few of this kind of enviro-cop video... so I immediately thought the Audi version was funny (and well funded). After watching the rest of the Super Bowl ads the Audi piece is, in my opinion, the best. Yet what really caught my attention was the fact that it was voted the best ad AND the worst ad.

Andy Warhol used to say "don't read the press, weigh it"... one thing is clear, this ad had people buzzing (both ways). I know... those that voted it best were probably greenies that thought it offered a clever version of how they feel most of the time... wishing more people would engage some simple practices to turn our wasteful habits around. I'm also aware that those that didn't like it are probably sick of feeling judged by holier-than-thou enviros.

There is a bit of friction both ways... and I like that. I like that there is dialog. I like that the green movement still has an edge and hasn't devolved into a meaningless pool of namby pamby messaging.

I voted the Audi ad the best and voted the worst ad was... from a brand not even worth mentioning.

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