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The High Line, another smart city park

April 23 2012 | Ocean friendly garden,

We planted an ocean-friendly garden a few years ago that champions local plants, minimizes water and fertilizer needs, and thrives due to it's more natural state.

Since that time I’ve become sensitized to other people’s yards and public spaces. The traditional approach is to have green grass which requires a large amount of water and fertilization as well as substantial ongoing maintenance.

This is why I love The High Line in New York City which borders the Hudson River. When we lived in New York years ago this area was anything but friendly. It has been completely transformed since. The approach to this park is one piece of that puzzle.

The park is elevated, maximizing strong western light and offering sweeping views across the river to the west and the city east. It also utilizes local, indigenous plants. They have also made elegant use of existing infrastructure. Instead of tearing down old railway lines they embraced the linear, elevated attributes and created a public space that seems to always be populated by locals and visitors alike.

It’s a great public space that embraces many of the attributes of our ocean friendly gardening program, check our program our here. Check The High Line out below.

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