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The internet and social intimacy aren’t terms that are regularly used together

February 18 2010 | Modern Activism, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Yet the idea of "democratization of intimacy" is quite intriguing. Parents traveling are putting their children to bed via video, families that have moved away are sharing breakfast with grandparents via video. Of course those aren't as good as being there in person, nothing is. The point is that connections are being made, at a deeper level, with people's inner circles.

Translate this to activism. There will always be uber-activists. How can we have more people find ways to take our ideas of wave and beach protection and share them in personal ways with their inner circle. How can we make our mission "ownable" so people put their personal trust and credibility on the line when they take a stance on an issue.

Good vid, on many levels.

If you can't see the video click on "view original post."
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