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The Jack, Kelly & Eddie Trifecta

April 21 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

A giant thank you to Jack, Kelly and Eddie for a weekend that pushed our movement forward with a significant... uumph.

The assault on our oceans, waves and beaches is constant. Our collective work needs to step up to the challenge. This weekend I felt like more people became aware of the issues and more people came alongside our mission.

On Friday Jack kicked off his US tour at the Kokua festival in Honolulu, Hawaii. We were at the press conference and introduced our Rise Above Plastics campaign. We're also going to be at most of Jack's tour stops around the globe as we take this message to the masses. The campaign is an awareness program about the real cost of plastics as well as healthy and available alternatives. Plastics are the single largest pollutant in our oceans and the Rise Above Plastics campaign seeks to let people know that those ubiquitous plastics bottles have a large cost.

Kim and Jack Johnson continue to raise the bar year after year with leadership, activism and generosity regarding campaigns and programs oriented around the environment. Even more valuable is that with Kokua they redefined what a festival can be. The only other festival that comes close to this may be Fuji Rock. We are stoked to be working on these kinds of campaigns alongside Jack, Kim, Emmet and the Brushfire crew as well as the Music Matters crew.

Saturday night focused on raising funds to Save Trestles. In San Clemente Kelly Slater kicked off his new foundation with a solo, acoustic set by Eddie Vedder for a few hundred friends and supporters. Check out Eddie's solo work (vid below). In a sea of mediocre, overproduced music Eddie continues to come forward with poignant lyrics and instrumentals that pack a sonic punch. And if a solo set to to a small audience isn't enough... Kelly popped on stage and joined in. The icing on the cake was Ben Harper stepping on stage and the three of them delivering a searing version of No More War.

A massive thank you goes out to the architects of the evening, Terry Hardy and John Moody. These guys worked hard to create an event that had buzz weeks in advance and more than lived up to the hype. Perhaps the most amazing characteristic of this event, even topping Eddie's performance, was the fact that Trestles was in view... Cottons was glassy and shoulder high. With Trestles in view it was impossible to miss why we were all there and what the true value of these natural resources are.

The event location was brought to you by Stephanie and Marty, the hosts of evening. Muchas gracias to all. We cannot thank you enough.

This isn't a video from Saturday, it's a plug for Eddie's new work.

After those two events I was more than tired but Sunday brought another opportunity to push the mission out to music lovers. Up in Santa Monica Surfrider took part in the eight-city Earth Day concert. The Santa Monica chapter was in full force, collecting signatures for three core campaigns; Rise Above Plastics (expanding the bag ban beyond Santa Monica into all of LA county), Save Trestles and Saving Topanga (one of the 42 state parks on Governor Schwarzenegger's list to close). The music provided a great backdrop for getting these messages out. Tim Donnely, thanks for hooking us into this one.

Insane weekend. Seeing people from all corners of culture come together for meaningful causes gives me more energy than any powerbar could. It gives me hope that we can pull resources together and aim them at meaningful, relevant and understandable fights to protect our coasts.

Huge thanks to all who took part.
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