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The ocean and the artist

November 20 2012 | Joy, Podcasts, Surfing,

Over the past few years I've recorded almost 100 podcasts with surfers, environmentalists and all-around mavens. I started the project because I was fascinated with how and when people connected to oceans, waves and beaches. I also wanted to explore why they cared enough to act to protect those places.

There are some gems from that list...

Peter Cole shared his journey with me. He was a pioneer in surfing North Shore waves and then became one of the crucial stewards of that region. This man has a legacy that the entire sport of surfing is benefitting from.

Six year old MacKenzie Steiner shared why she was leading her pre-school peers towards an environmental ethic (President Clinton heard her story and included it in his recent book "Giving").

Peter Douglas shared a story that starts off in Nazi Germany and ends up with a very strong life purpose. He became THE patron saint of the California coast.

These stories, all of our stories, are important for us to hear.

It's for this reason that I love this video about Chris Gentile. It's beautifully crafted and it tells a simple and straightforward story. A love and respect of the oceans, waves and beaches from an artist's perspective.

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