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The oceans span the globe, so does the network to protect them

October 01 2012 | Strategy, Chapters, Surfing,

It occured to me this past weekend, when I was standing amongst this group of about 180 people at our West Coast Summit, that our network has become notably comprehensive.

The picture above is our best attempt to get our West Coast leaders in front of one lens.

It's an impressive group. I could, easily, write a blog about every single person in this crowd. These people are the credible authorities on local issues up and down the west coast of North America.

This coming weekend is the East Coast Summit and we will gather a similar group in New York. These groups, the North American network, may be a bit easier comprended via the graphic below of Surfrider's North American network.

In addition to the above, we're also hosting our International Conference this coming weekend (it's clearly conference season...).

Surfrider leaders will come together from places like Japan, Peru, Jamaica, Argentina and France and talk best practices, what's working and not working... how we can pool our expertise, raise our effectiveness and potency around the globe.

But there's more...

Surfrider launched High School and College clubs a year and a half ago and it's the fastest growing element of our network. Go here to find out more and start one in your area. We know that we need: new, fresh options for people to connect with ways to protect their waves and beaches. Quad clubs are one more option.

And of course, beyond Surfrider there are other notable organizations doing wave protection, beach preservation and ocean-related work. WildCoast is doing amazing work in Mexico and Surfers Against Sewage are fighting the good fight in the United Kingdom.

My overarching point with this post is that just as our oceans span the globe, so does the network that exists to protect them.

The implied point... but perhaps worth stating more explicitly... is that if you value your beaches, waves, and oceans wordlwide -  there are a myriad of options for you to connect with to become part of the solution.

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