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The relentless power of the ocean

March 14 2011 | Beaches,
by Jim

We've all felt the power of the ocean. Maybe you felt that power of the ocean when you were a kid playing in the shorebreak and not paying attention to an incoming wave. Or maybe you're a surfer and you've been held under water for one, two or even three waves. When I think of power I don't think of Wall Street or a government. I think of the water that covers two thirds of this planet. When I think of power I think of our oceans. Japan's tsunami should remind us, again, that the ocean is a formidable force. For the Japanese people the most valuable thing we can offer is our thoughts and prayers. Of course we can also go further and support relief local efforts. As Surfrider isn't a disaster relief organization you should donate elsewhere. Here is a list of organizations that do focus on disaster relief and are connected to the Japan efforts. Japan's tsunami should remind us, especially those of us that live along the worlds coastlines, that we need to understand these forces better. We need to live with a larger sense of respect for the ocean and it's inherent power. At Surfrider we see this tension every day, we see coastal cultures thinking they can define where the land ends and ocean starts. They do this by erecting seawalls, by building too close to the ocean and by underplaying the role the ocean has in the larger coastal equation. Our hearts, prayers and support go out to the Japanese people. Let's also acknowledge the lesson we've been tragically delivered.
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