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The man who took the baton from our founders; The Jake Grubb Podcast

March 29 2012 | Podcasts, Stories, Water Quality,

To get a sense of Surfrider's first six years listen to the Glenn Hening podcast I recorded a few years ago. During the period just after this, which spans from the late 80s through the beginning of the 90s, we transitioned in some major ways.

In 1989 Surfrider won arguably the largest victory in our history and ended up closing down two gross-polluting pulp mills in Humbolt, California. This was one of those momenets that stressed the organization, if it doesn't kill you it makes you better. Thankfully it was the latter.

In 1991 we shifted towards a chapter model. This set the strategy of grassroots activism that we continue today. 27 years later we have 100 chapters and clubs in the US and a prescence on most continents in the world.

Our leader helping us navigate those years was Jake Grubb.

I asked Jake to swing by the office and share that story with a few of our staff. I also recorded a podcast with him below.

Jake, thanks for everything you've done for our oceans, waves and beaches.

If you follow Surfrider, this is one of those gems in the form of a podcast.

Listen in as we catch up.

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