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The story of stuff

December 04 2007 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I thought about writing a holiday post on gifts, pointing to green-ish products, etc. But that seemed a bit off our mission. Also, Jack's song "reduce, reuse, recycle" kept spinning in my head.

Then... two things happened within an hour of one another. One was seeing a friend at a coffee shop, he manufactures products in China and sells though big box stores in the US, I was doing my best to school him on why single-use plastic water bottles are horrible. The second was finding this video, the final film is on thier site (below link), it's wonderfully comprehensive and yet digestible/understandable due to it's user-friendly approach.

It's Peter Drucker meets Charles Schultz meets Yvon

Check it.

The site behind it's this trailer is here (it's a must see... bigger, longer, better film...).

You may ask, so what does THIS have to do with our mission? And my answer, honestly would be stretching things a bit... but it's a stretch worth making. The message here is buy things that last, don't consume for the sake of consuming and know that plastic is the most ubiquitous pollutant in the oceans.

So. This holiday just take a step back. It's ok to give gifts but lets all keep our eyes on the larger issues at stake. It may be a time to try something different this season. My favorite gift I'm giving is one I'm giving to my dad (I'm assuming he won't read this blog before I give it to him). I'm spending $25 at Kiva in his name, on a microloan to someone far away that will (based on historic trends) be paid back to him. I just love the fact that anyone can loan someone else a very small amount and make a life-changing difference in thier lives. My dad did that for me... I'll try to do something remotely close for him.

Happy holidays.
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