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The thinking man’s activist: Pete Stauffer podcast

September 30 2010 | Podcasts, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

If there is a category for the thinking man's activist, Pete Stauffer is smack dab in the middle of it. He's Surfrider DNA through and through; he's volunteered for three different chapters (on three different coasts), interned for Washington State Senator Kevin Ranker (when Kevin was still Wookie) and is usually just out of the water or just about to head to the water. If these attributes aren't enough, he is one of those people that can hang with Washington DC beltway types, drink beers with the Pacific Northwest flannel-shirt crew, or lead the dialog with representatives from alternative ocean energy companies. Pete's the real deal and we are stoked to have him on our team. Listen in as Pete and I caught up at HQ in late September 2010. Podcast is here.
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