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The wonders of styrofoam… ocean trash, cancer… suggest we should support S.B. 568

May 23 2011 | Plastics,

Styrofoam (TM) came into being in 1941. It helps keep drinks hot for the few minutes and then becomes trash for a long, long time.

It's also proceeded to become one of the largest sources of trash on the planet.

Lots of trash.

To put some numbers around that, Californians throw away 300,000 tons of expanded polystyrene (technical name for Styrofoam) every year. Think of that for a second, Styrofoam weights almost nothing so 300,000 tons of the stuff would suggest an absolutly gigantic amount.

Not recycled.

Today there is practically no recycling of food-related Styrofoam. This is the case because it absorbs food greases and oils and that makes it very challenging to clean for recycling.

Styrofoam litter everywhere.

We all know that Styrofoam ends up as litter. We see it on beaches and in the ocean. Remember that 80% of ocean trash starts out on land. CalTrans reported that 15% of the litter they see is Styrofoam.

Killing animals.

Of course we also know animals eat Styrofoam and can't digest it and so they... die.

Maybe killing us?

The latest news is that this product is a health risk for humans. That super convienent drink in a Styrene cup is a health risk, classified as a suspected human carcinogen by the International Agency for the Research of Cancer and as a suspected toxin to the gastrointestinal, kidney and respiratory systems by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Time to ban this stuff.

This brings us to SB. 568, a ban on expanded polystyrene foodware ban. 

Click to the righ to tell your State Senator to support SB 568, a bill to clean up our beaches and support sustainable foodware products by prohibiting the distribution and use of foam containers by food vendors.

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