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They can’t protect themselves

August 30 2012 | Kids, Water, Stories, Fish, Art, Communications, Modern Activism, Water Quality,

When I surf in Southern California I encounter dolphin all the time. Seeing one... or many times a pod... break the surface near me hasn't lost is impact. I'm sure it never will.

They seem so stealth, so fast so... perfectly suited for a pristine, natural environment.

But what if animals needed... armor?

Marine life has several natural defenses such as speed, camouflage and schooling behavior. However, these defenses are powerless against man-made threats including pollution, ocean warming, and overindustrialization.

To convey our need to protect these animals, this collection of life-size armor was born. Transcending cultural and regional boundaries, these artifacts are meant to inspire all to preserve the ocean and the myriad of creatures that call it home.

A collection of animals will be going on tour and that starts at the Aquarium of the Pacific on Sept 15th. Check the collection out here.

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